Looking for that perfect team night out venue?

Choosing the perfect venue to celebrate a work event is tough. How do you ensure your team night out doesn’t feel like forced fun? The answer is balls, balls and more balls.

We’ve got drinks packages, gourmet pizzas, buckets of beers and sparklers—you’ll be assigned permanent party planner quicker than you can say ‘balls deep’.

For larger groups who want Ballie to themselves there is always private hire – see here.


A ballin’ team night out

Our seated area has food and drink packages designed to suit every budget and a pre-order menu for all the added extras you desire. Let us do the work and your team can have a proper fun, stress-free evening⁠—we can’t think of a better way to leave those work troubles behind…

Tickets to suit any party

Live life in the Big Baller lane with unlimited pizza, drink packages and the all-important reserved seating for the colleagues who just want to sit and chat after a big work week. If Linda from accounts has a tight grip on the purse strings, don’t stress, our Baller tickets get you right into the heart of the fun with entry to the main bar and two wild hours in the ball pits, and isn’t that what we’re all really here for?


Frequently Asked Questions

Any chance you do group discounts?
Well aren’t you cheeky! 99.9% of the guests who choose to join us at Ballie Ballerson are in groups and we have designed all of our tickets and packages to suit a variety of group budgets. So the answer is no we don’t 😉

Can we get a refund or move our date?
Please see our refund policy for all ticket and booking types here.

What should I wear in the ball pit?

You must wear secure, enclosed, flat shoes in the ball pits (or up to a mid-block heel if you’re feeling daring). If you forget to bring some, we have an extremely limited number of jelly shoes for exceptional circumstances. These are not guaranteed and not reservable in advance. Swapping shoes will definitely take time out of your ball play which nobody wants! Our emergency jellies are only available for those with inappropriate footwear, not ballers who are scared to scuff their white Yeezys, so make sure your group knows which shoes to bring along.

You don’t have to be dressed to the nines to get balls deep so we have a smart casual dress code that is inclusive of fashion sportswear looks that are bar/club appropriate. Trainers are a-okay, just please avoid wearing head to toe casual sportswear and tracksuits.