Privacy policy

(the boring bit without any balls)

Personal Information

When you register or shop with Ballie Ballerson we ask you to provide some personal information. Some of this information is required via our website, or third party booking platforms. This information is require to process your ticket orders correctly. They won't run around shouting about where you live, don't worry!


You can sign up for the Ballie Ballerson newsletter by submitted your email address through our newsletter sign-up form. We only send our newsletter to custimers that have opted in to recieve the newsletter. All of our newsletter contain an oop-out/unsubscribe link incase you would like to stop hearing from us (But we don't think you'll ever need to. because we are epic) 

Cookies & Pixel Tags

A Cookie is a delicious treat you can enjoy with tea, or if you are a veteran, polish off an entire pack of Maynards whilst in bed watching Netflix. The cookies we are talking about are not the delicious treat, they are a small file which is downloaded and stored on your computer when you visit the website. The file is totally harmless, it just helps us store some of the content on your computer so the loading speed is a bit quicker! Also it'll help us tailor your experience on the website, for example if you have already signed up to the newsletter, you don't want to keep having a pop-up asking you! 

Cookies are not necessary to browse Ballie, you can choose to accept or decline them at any time, but yout preference will not be saved if you choose to decline. If you have already accepted cookies, you can change your settings in your browser settings. 

We also use pixel tags which are provided by third-parties (Like Google) to track your activity on our site and serve ads that chase you everywhere you go. Because after all, what other website should you be on except Ballie? These third parties collect non-personal data which only helps us understand more about how you want to interact with the website


If you have any more questions, or you just want to say 'hey' then shoot us an email at