Hit Me Baby One More Time — £10
Say that to our bar staff ;) You will either get a bubblegum margarita of dreams with the cutest little scrunchie this side of Kentucky or a short slap on the arm. Yes hun!

El Jimador Tequila/Sweet/Lime/Bubblegum

Skittle Sour — £8
Taste the rainbow my friends. All the skittles, gin and a wonderful tangy flavour cutting through that classic sweet taste.

Gin/Sweet & Sour/Egg White/Skittles

Dibbie Dabberson — £10
We've made over 50,000! It comes with a Dib Dab, tastes amazing and basically is the most nostalgic awesome drink of all time. Get dabbing!

Strawberry Gin/Sweet/Cranberry/Dib Dab


Fancy dessert?


The Bounty Curly Wurly — £11
Feeling peckish? This coconutty, chocolatey interpretation of a White Russian comes served with a mini Bounty and half a Curly Wurly on the side.

Aluna Coconut Rum/Creamy/Chocolate/Salted Caramel

The Espresso Flames Martini — £10
Watch out huns as this espresso martini is mega flames! Espresso with a hint of chocolate, a lotta vodka and served lit AF ;)

Vodka/Mozart Chocolate Liquer/Coffee Liquer


BEERS on draught 400ml

Heineken — £4

Lagunitas IPA — £4

Blue Moon — £4

Sharps Pilsner — £4

Affligem Blonde — £4

BAR Food

French Fries — £3
+ truffle £1
+ parmesan £1

Pizzas — £10

Tomato, mozzarella, olives, mushrooms
and caramelised red onion pizza (V)

Tomato, mozzarella, rocket pesto
and balsamic glaze pizza (V)

Ham, sweetcorn, hot jalapeños
and mozzarella pizza

BBQ chicken, bacon, mozzarella
and roasted red onion pizza

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls — £4

Beef, Cheddar, Pickles, Mary Rose Sauce



The Maoam Shot — £5

It’s bright blue, it tastes like Maoam and you will get drunk. What’s not to like?! Pick a chew and take a bite.

Fair Goji Berry Liqueur/Sweet/Blue Curacao

The Strawberry Laces Shot — £5

The most delicious concoction in a shot glass ever. Strawberry flavoured, iconic and bloody strong. Yes to all three! 




feeling extra?


The David Bowie — £10
Our lavender blackcurrant ode to the best Starman in the sky so take a sip and Let’s Dance. This comes with your very own glitter to pay homage to one of the greats.

Vodka/Bitter/Cassis/Lavender/Egg White

The Salt Bae — £9
The umami star of our cocktail list. A salty, nutty take on a classic Mai Tai, this is one tall glass of tasty alcohol laden heaven served with a flaming marshmallow.

Rum/Sweet & Salty/Pineapple/Orange/Macadamia

The Fight Club — £10
The first rule of Fight Club is don’t talk about….Oh wait. Ok, well what we can tell you is it comes with a badass temporary tattoo and is a blood orange gin fizz delight so Brad Pitt best watch out.

Gin/Citrus/Blood Orange

The WTAF — £9
This is that WTAF moment in a drink. On first few sips it is tangy, but then drop our miracle berry and drink again – the cocktail is sweet! STFU.

Vodka/Sweet & Sour/Strawberry/Lime

You're A Wizard Harry — £10
A magical smoking potion of rhubarb, white rum and lime that brings out your inner Slytherin (or Hufflepuff if you can’t handle your booze). Complete with a red diamond ice cube!