Skittle Sour — £8
Skittles infused Tanquery gin, Southern Comfort, Skittle baggie,  Taste That Rainbow Bitches. 

Dibbie Dabberson — £9
Strawberry gin, cranberry, cherry, Dib Dab on the side

Pink Shrimp Daiquiri — £11
Firefly moonshine, fair trade goji liqueur, one line caught pink shrimp, helium balloon

Wham Bam Goddamn — £8
Ketel One vodka, homemade raspberry coulis, many secrets

Bubble Gum Refresher — £9
Refreshers, El Jimador tequila, elderflower, black cherry

Black Forest Gateau — £11
Black Eristoff vodka, kirsch, Mozart dark chocolate liqueur, cream, dousing of liquid nitrogen

Bounty Colada — £11
Pampero Blanco, White and Dark Cacao Liqueur, Pineapple Juice, Mozart Dark Chocolate Coconut, Milk. Shaken on the rocks

Classic Cocktails all — £10



Tonka The Plonka — £10
Espirit de Figue, black walnut bitters, tonka bean stirred down with Bulliet Bourbon and rye, fresh fig

Electric Soup — £10
Espresso, vodka, chocolate, Borghetti coffee liqueur, chocolate flames

The Fluffer — £9
Ketel One vodka, passion fruit puree, vanilla, floating stuffed passion fruit

A Very Serious Drink — £11
Bulliet rye, Hennessy VS, sweet vermouth, D.O.M Benedictine



BEERS on draught 400ml

Heineken — £4

Lagunitas IPA — £4

Blue Moon £4

Sharps Pilsner £4

Affligem Blonde £4



Chunky Hand Cut Chips — £4
+ truffle £1
+ parmesan £1

Pizzas — £10
Spicy Sobrasada Iberica, Cows Mozzarella, Sweetcorn,
Jalapeno Poppers, Coriander 

Ham, Semi Dried Tomatoes, Parmesan, Fig, Rocket

Artichokes, cream cheese, mushrooms, spinach, black olives