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Stacey Hatfield
Britney Drink
Stacey Hatfield
David Bowie Drink


Sweet Tooth?

Hit Me Baby One More Time – £10
Say that to our bar staff 😉 You will either get a bubblegum margarita of dreams with the cutest little scrunchie this side of Kentucky or a short slap on the arm. Yes hun!
El Jimador Tequila/Sweet/Lime/Bubblegum

Dibbie Dabberson  £10
This is our number one bestseller. It comes with a Dip Dab, tastes amazing and is basically the most nostalgic, awesome drink of all time. Get dabbing!
Strawberry Gin/Sweet/Cranberry/Dip Dab

Skittle Sour – £8
Taste the rainbow my friends, All the skittles, gin and a wonderfully tangy flavor cutting through that classic sweet taste.
Gin/Sweet & Sour/Skittles
Contains egg whites

The Espresso Flames Martini – £10
Watch out huns as this is mega flames! Espresso with a hint of chocolate, a lotta vodka and served lit AF 😉
Vodka/Mozart Chocolate Liqueur/Coffee Liqueur

The Bounty Curly Wurly – £11
Feeling peckish? This coconutty, chocolatey interpretation of a White Russian comes served with a mini Bounty and half a Curly Wurly on the side.
Aluna Coconut Rum/Creamy/Chocolate/Salted Caramel

My Dad Wrote a Pornstar Martini – £9
Channel your inner Belinda Blinked and get your mouth around this big and juicy…pornstar martini. A classic recipe served with the usual Ballie flair.

Feeling Extra?

You’re A Wizard Harry – £10
A magical potion of rhubarb, white rum and lime that brings out your inner Slytherin (or Hufflepuff if you can’t handle your booze). Complete with a red diamond ice cube!
White Rum/Sweet/Citrus/Rhubarb

The Salt Bae – £9
The umami star of our cocktail list. A salty, nutty take on a classic Mai Tai, this is one tall glass of tasty alcohol laden heave served with a flaming marshmallow.
Rum/Sweet & Salty/Pineapple/Orange/Macadamia
Contains nuts

The WTAF – £9
This is that WTAF moment in a drink. On the first few sips it is tangy but then take our miracle berry and drink again – it’s sweet! STFU.
Vodka/Sweet & Sour/Strawberry/Lime

The Fight Club – £10
The first rule of Fight Club is don’t talk about…Oh wait. Ok, what we can tell you is it comes with a badass temporary tattoo and it is a blood orange laced gin fizz delight so Brad Pitt best watch out.
Gin/Citrus/Blood Orange

The David Bowie – £10
Our lavender ode to the best Starman in the sky so take a sip and Let’s Dance. This comes with your very own glitter to pay homage to one of the greats.


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