I’ve lost my phone with all my best selfies!

Oh no! You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. We do our absolute best to recover all of the lost property in the ball pit – it is super hard to find items whilst the balls are still in the pit and we recover 95% of our lost property post the balls being cleaned every week. The balls are cleaned by Wednesday and our polite ask is for anyone who has lost something to send a description of what they lost, when they lost it, where they lost it and ideally a photo of the item to lostproperty@ballieballerson.com.

Confused? Dont worry we’ve got the answers.

What shoes must I wear in the ball pit?

All guests must have closed toe shoes on in the ball pits. High heels of any kind are very treacherous and therefore not allowed – we don’t want anyone to be falling flat on their face. We would strongly suggest trainers/flats with a low block heel being the highest heel height permitted into the pit.
See a full guide here.

Any shoes are totally fine for the bar and VIP area (although trainers teamed with sportswear is not acceptable).

Can I stay longer than the 2 hour time slot on my ticket?

Of course! Ready early (well done you!) and want to hang with us before your allotted time? Been balls deep and fancy an extra cocktail? Either way, we’re ready and waiting for you. Aside from brunch tickets, all of our tickets come with all-night bar access. Just be aware you won’t be able to get in before 17:00 with a weekend GA ticket.

What is the dress code?

We are a fun and unpretentious Shoreditch club so dress to impress Shoreditch style whilst still having the right shoes for the ball pit. No tracksuits or gym tops please. Short skirts and dresses can be a bit risqué for the ball pit but totally your choice. Your body your rules 🙂

How do you clean the balls, isn't it unhygienic?

No, we have a ball cleaner called Gobble Muffin who sanitises and cleans 18,000 ball p/hr. Our balls get a lovely clean each and every week to keep them squeaky clean.

How fit and able must you be for the ball pit?

We ask that all participants must be reasonably fit, in good health and free from any adverse medical condition in order to enjoy the ball pits. The balls are harder to move around in than you think 😉 All guests are welcome to join us in our bar area.

What if a member of the group is pregnant?

Pregnant guests are more than welcome in the venue however will not be able to enjoy the ball pits. If a member of the group is pregnant and you are joining us for brunch or a VIP table, the lead booker must get in contact with us on hello@ballieballerson.com prior to attending.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Despite having three ball pits, we are an 18+ venue and ID will be checked (valid passport or driving licence accepted). No ID, no entry, otherwise we will get in trouble. Ta!

Am I able to come in without going in the ball pits?

Although we’d love to have you enjoying the balls, you are more than welcome to join us just for dranks. Bar entry is free Sun – Thurs. We charge a small entry fee on Friday after 10pm and on Saturday after 8pm.

Can we take drinks in the ball pit?

No – we trialled it in the ball pit and all we can say is no, no, no and no.

What are your opening hours?

We are open on Tues 6pm-11pm | Weds 6pm-12am | Thurs 6pm – 12am | Fri 6pm – 2am | Sat Brunch 12pm – 2pm & 2.30pm – 4.30pm | Sat 5pm – 2am | Sun Brunch 2.30pm – 4.30pm | Sun 5pm – 11pm. Weekend GA tickets can only enter the venue from 5pm onwards.
One Monday night a month is reserved for student night!

Do you have a cloakroom?

Yes we do – it’s £2 per items (includes coats or bags – you are welcome to pop your coat into your bag). We strongly suggest that EVERYTHING goes in the cloakroom or you’ll be emailing lostproperty@ballieballerson.com!

What if I drop my phone/wedding ring/dignity?

For all lost property email lostproperty@ballieballerson.com – dignity we can’t help with 😉

Do you serve food?

Absolutely. We have a selection of pizzas and yummy bar snacks available. All dietary requirements can be catered for and for larger events we can offer a bespoke menu.

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