Ain’t no party like
a birthday party!

Looking for birthday
party ideas?

Birthdays were great when you were young, weren’t they? Fun and games, sweet treats, no responsibilities, and a crowd of friends all dressed up to show you a good time. Well, the good news is they can be like that again, because a night at Ballie Ballerson taps into all the joy of being a kid. Our sweet-based cocktails are based on childhood favourites like Sherbet Dip-Dabs and Skittles, and our ball pits are like the best playground you ever went to. In fact, the experience is going to be even better than your hazy memories of blowing out candles and getting a Barbie Doll, because now you’re old enough to drink!


The Ballie Birthday Cake

We don’t allow cakes to be brought in, but we do provide our own, and they’re right on message, made out of pick’n’mix, with a small one (for 6-10 people) costing just £10, and a large one (10-15 people) just £15. You can contact us to order one in advance, but they will also be available on the night if you forget in all the excitement…

Purple face balls

Tickets to suit any party

From a general admission ticket for one to a full venue hire, Christmas at Ballie is going off! Our Christmas Ballers package has been designed for groups of up to 90 people and offers the ultimate Ballie Ballerson Christmas party experience. Our normal VIP packages are still available and if you are looking for something a little more casual, why not go for general admission? Jingle ball the way 😉


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do anything special for birthdays?
We do!!! Let us know in advance as we have a little surprise for anyone celebrating. Please note small decorations are allowed (if you are joining us in the VIP area you have a guaranteed table, in the main bar the tables are limited and first come first served) but large balloons obstruct our CCTV so we politely ask for those to not be brought.

Any chance you do group discounts?
Well aren’t you cheeky! 99.9% of the guests who choose to join us at Ballie Ballerson are in groups and we have designed all of our tickets and packages to suit a variety of group budgets. So the answer is no we don’t 😉

What about birthday cakes as we would love to bring one?
We have fantastic and very affordable pic’n’mix cakes available for purchase which are super fun and nostalgic. It is £10 for one for 6-8 people and £15 for one for 10-15 people served with a fun sparkler show (please note they are not vegetarian). Traditional birthday cakes with crumbs and icing are not the best combo for the ball pits so we politely ask guests to refrain from bringing these.

I am not sure how many people are able to come yet, what should I do?
Check out our refund policy here – we totally understand how difficult it is to organise a group and want to make sure you have a fantastic, stress free celebration. Whilst we cannot hold spaces we have designed our refund policy to be flexible to allow you to book and make changes nearer the time whilst giving us enough notice to keep Ballie vibey and pumping 😉 Get in touch with us about any questions as we would love to help.

What if a member of the group is pregnant?
Pregnant guests are more than welcome in the venue however will not be able to enjoy the ball pits. If a member of the group is pregnant the lead booker must get in contact with us on prior to attending.

Can we get a refund or move our date?
Please see our refund policy for all ticket and booking types here.

What shoes must I wear in the ball pit?
Any shoes are totally fine for the bar and VIP area (although trainers with sportswear is not acceptable) but in the ball pit all guests must have closed toe shoes on. High heels of any kind are very treacherous and therefore not allowed – we don’t want any bride to be falling flat on their face before the big day. We would strongly suggest trainers/flats with a low block heel being the highest heel height permitted into the pit. See what you can and can’t wear here.

What is the dress code?
We are a fun and unpretentious Shoreditch club so dress to impress whilst still having the right shoes for the ball pit. Short skirts and dresses can be a bit risqué for the ball pit but totally your choice. Fancy dress welcomed!!