dalston - what a ride!

Back to where it all began. Dalston. Two stories of absolute epicness. Our beloved Founder, Wenny birthed Ballie after a few too many coffees. Wenny sat, head spinning wondering 'How can I have the ultimate throw-back to my childhood?' (apparently that includes lots of balls........). Fast forward to November 2016 and Ballie launches as a pop-up until December 2016. Shortly after the launch, national press and media outlets made us one of the best places to go in London! (We still think we are pure legitness!)

We eventually close in August 2017. 250,00 balls, 150,000 people in 10 months. Countless cocktails, glow-in-the-dark makeup and nostalgia created! So much for a pop up! #ripdalston #dibbiedabberson #orangedog


Here's some snaps of Dalston (we weren't as snap heavy as now..)



No no, the story is not over (but we are almost up to date, so thanks for getting this far - I'd be on Instagram by now...)

One month later, we reopened in a venue 10x bigger than Dalston, with 4 (yes 4) times more balls. In JUST the main pit. That's 1 million balls. We also have 2 other exclusive ball pits you can rent out around the venue! Once again, excitement built and Ballie was global news. We saw over 25,000 BALLERS coming to release their inner child on a month basis. Playing grown up is not fun. Who likes Susan from accounts? We love Susan who is throwing back her 6th Marg and is waist deep in balls!

There is a ton of photos and videos of the venue in Shoreditch, you can find them all in the Gallery and on our Instagram! Here's our epic video we made about Shoreditch!



The next step is world domination, our balls need a tan and some stamps on their passport! We are super excited to be launching Ballie Ballerson in Sydney, Australia in November 2018! [insert dingo pun]. We can't say too much about this, but when we can, it'll be here, trust us! 

Well if you got this far, thank you so much! Now go book your slot and become a child once more. Love Team Ballie