Ball Pit

The one and only ball pit
cocktail bar

The incredible Ballie Ballerson is like no other bar you’ve been to. A world famous venue featuring over ONE MILLION balls, it will magic you right back to the fun of the playground like a ball pit time machine. Whether you’re being a baller in our VIP section, drinking Dibbie Dabbersons on the dance floor, or making a name for yourself in one of the ball pits, it’s an experience that will keep you smiling for hours and have your Insta feed begging for more. Right here is where memories get made…

What is Ballie Ballerson?

A party venue with over 5000 square feet of space, our big, pumping bar is the perfect place to drink unique retro cocktails, eat our tasty food and host a night out that everybody will be talking about for years to come. (With over 100 million views racked up already, we aren’t the only ones thinking this place is pretty special.) There are two ball pits that anyone can access and a golden one that’s reserved exclusively for our VIP customers. The entire bar is wrapped around by a 70 metre glowing UV mural and our friendly bar staff will keep the food and drink coming all night long. So just remember, if you want to have an iconic night out, we’ve got the balls if you’ve got the balls…

The waviest night out ever!!!! Came here to celebrate a 21st birthday and it’s a great place to have a quirky night out with your friends!

Deepa R

Try our retro sweetie cocktails.

Our unique in-house cocktails will take your tastebuds on a trip down memory lane. With many based on retro sweets like Bubblegum and Skittles they deliciously combine nostalgic flavours with a proper dollop of alcohol. It’s like Willy Wonka opened an off licence next to his chocolate factory. Our best selling Dibbie Dabberson is a sherbet-y sensation that’s been called “most awesome drink of all time”, so get sipping, throw some shapes, and see how the balls fly!