250k clear balls. 

10k LED dance floor.

Fire, Ice & Helium Cocktails.


GlowyMcGlow is an adult play pen set over two floors; the underground club is kitted out with 250k clear balls set upon an LED dancefloor.

Upstairs the bar is decorated with plasma balls and glow in the dark murals that are charged with UV light blasts whilst DJs spin funk and ragged house.

Cocktails are themed around the planets; Neptune is based on charcoal and liquid nitrogen; the helium rich Saturn is garnished with a floating balloon; and Uranus, which is undrinkable until you’ve eaten the Miracle Berry pill provided.

Buy a ticket for entry where you can enter and exit the ball pit as many times as you like in your time slot.




Larios pink gin, Campari,

lychee liquor, lemon,

egg white, edible flower


Smirnoff vodka, blueberry puree, lime,

charcoal foam, liquid nitrogen


Larios gin, triple sec,

orgeat, lime, blue sugar rim,

served with a helium balloon


Guess the natural ingredient…

With tequila, vodka or gin


Tequila, Mozart dark chocolate,

Kahlua, espresso, brownie syrup milk,

Miracle Berry baggie

More cocktails 



Appleton dark rum, Aperol,

ancho chilli, passion & pineapple,

lime, flaming cinnamon


Buffalo Trace bourbon, Fernet Branca

tonka bean, bitters

The Sun

Solerno blood orange liquor,

Smirnoff, vodka grapefruit,

Red Bull tropical, glow sticks


Ice Brulee of vodka, macharino cherry,

lavender, lemon, glitter


Appleton dark rum, Southern Comfort,

Amaretto, pineapple, orange, lime,

grenadine. Serves two.




Budweiser, Corona

Negra Modelo                          


Naked apple or pear

strawberry & lime                  

mixed fruit or raspberry


Lemon brew, Pear brew


petite ballon white & red

cotes de gascony. 2015            

pays d'oc, 2015


fizzy and cold


Saturday & Sunday

   Bottomless Brunches



Bottomless prosecco

bottomless PUNCH


ball pit hide & seek


You have two hours to do your worst. 

Mess around in our pit of 250k balls followed by two hours of bottomless spaghetti meatballs, Prosecco & punch in our upstairs bar.

Choose between Saturday 12pm or 3pm arrival or Sunday 1pm or 4pm arrival.

Tickets £39.

Sound familiar? We are the same team who brought you NolaRola last summer.



79 Stoke Newington Road

Dalston, N16 8AD

Nearest stop is Dalston Kingsland

All enquiries hello@ballieballerson.com



How do you keep the balls clean? Our ball cleaning machine GobbleMuffin can disinfect 18,000 balls an hour.

What are your hours? Weds & Thurs 6pm - 12am, Fri & Sat 6pm - 2am. Last entry 30 mins before close.

How do the bookings work? Book your two hour slot and arrive on time to make the most of your experience. If we are very busy we may have to politely ask you to leave once your time is up.

What if I don't have a ticket? We save some tickets for walks in each night so get in line early.  

Do you have a cloakroom? Yes we do, It's £1 for coats and £2 for bags. 

I don't need my ticket any more, can I get the ticket refunded?  Unfortunately we can't offer refunds.

Are drinks allowed in the ball pit? No. We trialed it at the soft launch. No. No and No.

What are the rules? Respect the other guests. Don't aim balls at people's heads... who aren't in your group.

Can I hire the whole space? Yes, with a minimum bar spend.

What if I drop my phone? Let's hope you didn't leave it on silent...

Glowing Graffiti Walls


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